My name is  Hilarie

As a photographer I am passionate about sharing stories, capturing fine details, and true emotion that depict the human condition. I'm enamored with authenticity and that is what I want to provide for you. I am a documentary-style photographer, which means that I stay out of the way during sessions and I capture you being you. Depending on the session, I will give little direction as I am focused on documenting true moments and raw emotion. 

My passion for the arts does not stop with photography; I would like to explore every field of study. So, whether you are a musician, a writer, a painter, a printmaker, etc...I would love to meet and collaborate with you to share your story about your passion! Art is so so important to our culture and it is my mission to share as much culture that I can.  Contact me and let's get started!!

What a great photographer does is, they are consistently able to make something in a style that’s personal to themselves.
— Ken Van Sickle